Epcot's International Food And Wine Festival - Sample Flavors From Around The World

Are you a foodie? Do you like to try new or different foods? If you are like most people, the answer is yes but you likely do not have the opportunity to sample new dishes as often as you might like.

Our family has found an easy, fun and exciting way to learn about and to be exposed to many international foods without having to travel half way around the world. We like to visit Disney world during Epcot's annual International Food and Wine Festival. This festival is a food lover's paradise that provides the perfect opportunity to introduce your family to international cuisine they might not otherwise have the chance to try.

There are usually 25-30 countries represented at the festival. Each of which has a kiosk or booth set up on the World Showcase promenade that sell small sample size portions of food. Each country also sells wine or beer representative of the country only the sizes are not samples. The serving size is normal for a glass of wine or for a beer. The prices for the food samples range between $2 and $7.

We like to eat and drink our way around the World Showcase. We share the sample size portion of food to give everyone a taste. Our children will usually take at least one bite of a food before they decide if they like a dish or not. Even if someone decides that they did not like a particular dish at least they tried something new. The festival provides a fun, nonthreatening way to try new foods. Last year one of our daughters decided she liked the cheddar cheese soup from Canada; her sister liked the Greek salad from Greece. Our teenage son liked just about everything (go figure).

Another way to enjoy the festival is to make reservations for one of the many special seminars and food demonstrations. For example, Sundays are known as Sweet Sundays during the festival because each Sunday a celebrity pastry chef hosts a breakfast/brunch and cooking demonstration. Two years ago we surprised our oldest daughter for her birthday with tickets to see Colette Peters during a Sweet Sunday presentation. This was a special treat for her because she wants to be a pastry chef (at Disney) when she grows up. It was a fun and informative day and we even got to eat everything the chef cooked during the demonstration. The experience was definitely sweet!

So if you would like to introduce yourself and your family to the different flavors of international cuisines, try visiting Disney World during the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

Dana Medlock and her family of five love to vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort. Everyone in the family loves Disney World and they share this passion on their web site.

By: Dana Medlock