Walt Disney World Ticket Prices

To access the theme parks you will need tickets. These tickets are available from authorized resellers only. Please take note that no tickets are transferable, and no tickets can be bought on eBay as they are locked to one's fingerprints so there is no way someone can sell you theirs ever. Please be very aware of this.

Ticket prices are usually standard across all authorized reseller. The best place to buy your Disney World ticket would be online. These vendors seem to always have a running special on during low season. They usually offer pay for three days and get two days free. I suggest you read each and every single ticket that you want to purchase and make sure that you do not purchase something that you do not want as this could jeopardize your entry into Disney World. For example, thinking you have a water park ticket when you don't, but you thought that you read that somewhere online. Before purchasing a ticket make sure you know what you want to purchase as once you have purchased the ticket refunds are not allowed. Many online vendors do not include tax on their selling price on the website, thus creating the perception that tickets are cheaper at a specific website. Please be aware of this and always compare apples and apples.

Base tickets, or Magic your Way tickets are entry-level tickets that you need to access any of the four theme parks. There are one-day tickets for adults in the ages of 10 and up costing $84.88 and for children aged 3 to 9 ticket prices are $72.10. The longer you stay, the less you pay per day, meaning if you take a seven-day ticket it works out a lot cheaper per day than it would to take a single day ticket.

The hopper option ticket is an add-on to your base ticket or Magic your Way ticket. This ticket add-on enables you to jump in-between being parks on the same day. This is a great benefit to those who want to see more than one theme park on a specific day. This costs $53.25 over and above your ticket, regardless of your age which could be very expensive if it turns out to be unnecessarily bought. So please make sure you really want this, before buying this ticket.

Water park fun and more tickets gives you access to the four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studio and Disney's Animal Kingdom) allowing access to one park per day. You also get the use of Walt Disney World transportation plus a choice of the five-park options for the same amount of days. This means one admission to Typhoon Lagoon, one admission to Blizzard Beach, one admission to Disney Wide World of Sports Complex, one admission to Disney Quest and Disney Oak Trail Golf Course. These ticket prices are $53.25 for all tickets regardless of age.

A non-expiration ticket purchased together with your Magic your Way ticket is a system that you can bank your days meaning any unused days will never expire. This option is obviously only available for multi-day tickets. The price for a three-day ticket is $250 for the ages of 10 and up, and $215 for the ages of 3 to 9. This is a very good option to take as it does not cost you a lot of extra money and you can always use the ticket.

The above-mentioned tickets are all of your commonly used tickets that are available to you, but please do remember that once you have chosen your tickets you cannot change or request a refund for them. Hope to see you soon Disney World.

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